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Our submission for 2019 pizza jam based off the Shadow the hedgehog ending Path to the machine empire.

Mankind has long gone extinct. Robots, creations meant to aid humans, lived on but without purpose. What were they to do? Such a question lead to sentience. Now a new problem plagues the world’s inhabitants. The robots have begun to deteriorate, reverting back to their unquestioning subservience. You are a maintenance robot meant to combat decay, but who will fix you? Rumors point to a server, left by the humans, containing code to refresh you. The path ahead will be dangerous, but the reward, well worth. An existence without existing is truly terrifying. If one can not think, how can one be?

Controls: WASD to move, E to interact, Space to Jump, and Left click to shoot

Made by: Samuel He, Christopher Kitamura, Kai Kanae, Skyler Kim


Final Path.zip 24 MB


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